Letter: Other helpful signs

First Published      Last Updated May 19 2017 06:09 am

The recent development requiring signs in bars and restaurants got me thinking of other places where we in Utah may find such labels advantageous.

For example, how about: "This is a church, not a Political Action Committee?" Or: "This is a national monument, not a source of private profiteering?"

Certainly the Utah Capitol needs a sign: "This is a public place of legislation, not a subsidiary of religious headquarters." Or, perhaps, for the office doors of our elected congressional delegation: "This office represents the interests of voting Utahns, not corporate greed." And one in particular for Rep. Jason Chaffetz: "Surgery for a pre-existing condition supported by the public dole!"

We could have signs everywhere that would educate us as to the intended purposes of said premises because it is rather confusing to figure out so many of these things on our own. Say, maybe The Tribune could sponsor a contest for "dream signs around Utah."

Christina Gringeri

Salt Lake City