Letter: Take Hatch at his word

First Published      Last Updated May 19 2017 06:09 am

Saying outright that "Indians don't fully understand" the implications associated with the management of the monument that they actually initiated and then being Rick Perry-like unable to identify one of those implications himself.

Rejecting his beloved Constitution by effectively indicating that he feels he can hand pick Mitt Romney as his successor.

Conveniently ignoring his hypocrisy by apparently forgetting that he used political sway to deny a Supreme Court justice nominee even as he complained of his opponents politicizing his preferred nominee. And, most recently, blatantly accusing his fellow Americans of being lazy and greedy with, "Let's face it, once you get them on the dole, they'll take every dime they can."

Sen. Orrin Hatch has showed us yet again that either his old school ways are no longer commensurate with modern society (that he feels he can say virtually anything — true or false, hypocritical, racist or derisive – and still get elected) or he's staring down the long hallway of dementia.

Yes, he's been a powerful national voice for our humble state for many years.

But yes, indeed, it's time to call him home.

Tom Diegel

Salt Lake City