Letter: A lack civility on the editorial page

First Published      Last Updated May 17 2017 05:00 am

The May 6 editorial, "A sickening vote", was offensive. "You may be among those who was sickened by the sight of a grinning Jason Chaffetz wheeling into the House chamber on Thursday." The hatred the board describes by just seeing our congressman explains why Chaffetz is a constant target of negativity by you.

The lack of civility on the editorial page is led by your writers. Public Forum letters are increasingly filled with as many as six or seven derogatory names or insults in a single letter directed at President Trump or anyone who dares to support him. You never saw those kinds of letters during the Obama administration.

Nor did you see a major network like CBS allow the kind of crude, disrespectful comments towards a sitting president like Stephen Colbert made and not insist he apologize. That was a new low.

I hope you will increase your standards and improve the civility of the page. It doesn't take a diatribe of personal insults to make a point. Is this the kind of excellence we're to expect from the editorial board of a Pulitzer Prize-winning paper?

If so, I'm done with you.

Sheila Thompson