Letter: Can’t get through to Chaffetz

First Published      Last Updated May 09 2017 05:00 am

Rep. Jason Chaffetz, I tried to call you recently about the ACA repeal because I wanted you to vote against it. I tried calling from my cell phone, which has an 801 area code and wasn't able to get through. I did get through to your Provo office with my cell phone and left a message there.

Then I decided to try an experiment and used a 202 number to call your D.C. office and got through. I am not the only person I know who was unable to connect with 801/435/385 area codes but was able to connect from a non-Utah number. Thousands of Utahns were calling, asking you to protect their health insurance coverage.

Is there a reason your office is more interested in calls from D.C. than calls from Utah?

Jillian Edmonds