Letter: Is Trump more humane, or more cynical?

First Published      Last Updated Apr 20 2017 05:38 pm

President Donald Trump has enjoyed a ratings boost from his rocket attack on a Syrian airbase even though its effectiveness was reduced by giving the Russians — and, by extension, the Syrians — advance notice, thus enabling them to move planes and personnel.

Much of that boost was probably a result of his emotional speech deploring Syria's killing of "beautiful babies" in their gas attack.

Does this presage a new and more humane approach to world affairs or was it simply a cynical ploy to boost Trump's abysmal approval rating?

This is the same man who proposes cutting funding for school meals for our poorest kids and "meals on wheels" for the aged. The same man who is pushing for health care cuts for the poor, which opponents claim would result in thousands of premature deaths every year (including many American beautiful babies) plus other changes that would leave millions uninsured. The same man who is rolling back environmental controls that will result in dirtier air for everyone and more thousands of premature deaths. The same man who has switched positions on NATO, China's currency manipulation, Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, the export bank and presidential travel to resorts and to play golf.

Can we really afford a president who shoots his mouth (or Twitter account) off without knowing the facts or due deliberation? And who has yet to say a bad word about Russia or President Putin?

Frank Fish

Park City