Letter: DUI bill is not about safety

First Published      Last Updated Mar 19 2017 08:45 am

Utah, home of the legislative righteous. I can't believe legislation has been sent to the governor for his signing to lower the alcohol limit to 0.05 percent.

This bill has nothing to do with reckless, drunken driving and everything to do with shoveling others' beliefs down others' throats.

If the righteous legislators are so worried about saving lives on the road, maybe they should go after the average stereotype Utah person who is texting, while driving under the influence of Prozac in their minivan with six sugared up children ages 1-6.

It is all about the money with this state and it won't be the hard core drunks paying the price, it will be Joe average or a tourist who has no record but enjoys a couple of drinks after golfing, working or dinner with wine who will be busted by a police officer behind in his monthly quota, quietly waiting for someone to pull out.

And if the Mormon church wants to keep telling the eight out of nine Mormon legislators what they must vote for, then they should pay taxes just like the rest of us.

Danny Zagarich