Letter: The wrong spot for the homeless shelter

First Published      Last Updated Mar 20 2017 05:54 am

I realize that a homeless shelter needs to be built somewhere. However, the areas proposed in West Valley near the Jordan River Parkway I feel are the wrong places.

We don't have that many places to enjoy being outside. We don't have a Pioneer Park, Liberty Park, Sugar House Park, Murray Park or Dimple Dell Park. I could go on.

We have an open space at the Culture Center. My friends and I used to love to walk and ride our bikes along the Jordan River in that area but we no longer go there because we do not feel safe. We would run into people sleeping under bushes and camp sites both north and south of that area. I think a homeless shelter near the Jordan River is the wrong place. More research for the best place needs to be.

Gerry Rojas

West Valley City