Letter: Military and corporate lobbyists are happily soaking in the swamp

First Published      Last Updated Mar 19 2017 08:45 am

It should be clear now that President Donald Trump, the con-man-in-chief, had no plan to replace the ACA and no plan to defeat ISIS. Despite his grandiose promises, he has embraced House Speaker Paul Ryan's devastating, cynical ACA replacement plan, which touts access and freedom for Americans, but which is a boondoggle tax break to the rich and which hurts regular older people and the poor and middle class.

Access to health care one can't afford, even without an iPhone, does not equal health care. Trump seeks ACA victims but not beneficiaries as he tries to sell Ryan's plan, continuing his pattern of getting only info that agrees with his world view.

As for ISIS, he has asked the generals for a plan, presenting nothing on his own, unless you consider keeping out Muslims from six nations and building more weapons, planes and ships his plan. Drain the swamp?

Don't think so.

Military and corporate lobbyists are happily soaking in that swamp.

Rochelle Kaplan

Cottonwood Heights