Letter: Legislature is not really worried about safety

First Published      Last Updated Mar 20 2017 05:54 am

Stupid is as stupid does. The Utah Legislature's action eliminating mandatory annual auto safety inspection cries out for a veto. At what cost are sponsors Rep. Dan McCay, R-Riverton, and Sen. Deidre Henderson, R-Salt Lake City, saving drivers money? A paltry $25 million, so they claim.

What they really have done is deprived drivers of an inexpensive $15 inspection and endangered the public, exposing it to unsafe or ignorant drivers who do not maintain their vehicles.

It only goes to prove the Legislature does not care about safety, and lowering the blood alcohol level to .05 to constitute a DUI was not about safety but to punish the drinking culture. Good luck to a police officer proving probable cause to believe a driver is impaired and require him to take a breath test that results in that low of a level.

If they cared about safety they would not even consider eliminating inspections, let alone pass such a measure that will most certainly result in unnecessary accidents, personal injuries and fatalities. It looks like the Legislature's brake pads and ball joints need replacing and they are about a quart low.

Arthur F. Sandack

Salt Lake City