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First Published      Last Updated Mar 18 2017 02:45 pm

"I can't think of a state more deserving of foul air. Look how they vote."

— Stink-(I)

commenting on the March 14 Tribune editorial, "Utah has work to do fighting pollution"

"The solution seems to be to add on to the State Hospital or build a new one. We seem to have plenty of money to pour into a new prison."

— numb

commenting on the March 13 sltrib.com article, "Utah puts up funds to settle lawsuit, saying mentally ill defendants languish in jail"

"The official statistics say otherwise. The U.S. is one of the last industrialized nations to still be at 0.08 instead of 0.05. Are some individuals more interested in a few extra dollars even at the cost of more unnecessary deaths, to the point that they'll misrepresent the actual data?"


commenting on the March 13 Tribune op-ed, "Lower blood-alcohol limit doesn't help, and Herbert should veto it"

"Other countries have 100 times better public transportation. All restaurants serve alcohol and instead of a Mormon church on each corner there is a neighborhood bar/lounge that people walk to. Everything is closer and they walk to stores, bus stops, rail stations, taxis, etc. European countries are smaller than Utah and the population is 100 times more. They don't have the sprawl with the lack of public transportation especially on Sunday."

— armyvet73

commenting on the above comment

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