Letter: Scolding from LDS apostle does no good

First Published      Last Updated Feb 17 2017 05:00 am

I was unhappy to read LDS apostle Quentin L. Cook's ignorant and inflammatory remarks recently regarding the youth of the LDS Church. In the talk he chastised the youth over getting married later in life and having fewer children. Talk about beating a dead horse. Does Cook really live in such an air-tight bubble that he is oblivious to the economic trends of this country? No longer can one just graduate from high school, obtain a great career and raise a family with their single income.

Current economic trends force most young adults to focus on their education and careers just to make ends meet. Rather than chastise these young people for acting responsibly, why not recognize their plight and be an advocate for them? I have never once heard someone from the church chastise greedy business owners for their low wages or dishonest business tactics. I have never heard the church advocate for greater public education funding. Why?

Rather than lobby for failed right-wing policies in our Legislature that do nothing but divide, advocate for health care, better and more affordable education and higher wages.

Pat Thomas