Letter: Where is the ‘plan’ for ‘extreme vetting’?

First Published      Last Updated Mar 09 2017 06:04 pm

In all the coverage of Donald Trump's executive order imposing a temporary ban on travelers from several majority Muslim countries, I have missed hearing anyone push the administration about what is supposedly lacking in the current vetting process. Nor does the administration offer anything except vague talk of a supposed plan for "extreme vetting."

Is the Trump administration somehow unaware that the current vetting process takes up to two years of intensive examination before applicants are cleared to come to the United States? (I doubt it.) Does the new administration fully understand this process? (Possibly not.) What would they add to it? When will they explain their "plan?"

I'm guessing they don't have one. If they do, produce it now and let the country see it and the experts vet it to see if there's any substance to it.

Otherwise there's no basis for the claim that this executive order is suddenly somehow necessary for our "national security" and it is just another (incredibly damaging) piece of political theater.

Linda DeSimone

Park City