Letters: Not even police should be above the law

First Published      Last Updated Jun 20 2016 06:24 am

According to your article about Dustin Evans' $2.75 million claim against the county, Sheriff Jim Winder expressed his displeasure with Sim Gill's determination that shooting Evans was unjustified.

"Place yourself in a position in which you've been shot at and have been shot," Winder said.

That is excellent advice, but let's make a thought experiment: Suppose Evans had lawfully carried a weapon and returned fire, killing the officer who shot him. Would Winder give him a pass because Evans only had a split second to understand and react to being shot? I doubt it. I'm sure Winder would call Evans a murderer.

No one, not even police, is above the law. Obviously, this was a tragic mistake. But if I shot my neighbor while walking through my yard because I mistakenly thought the neighbor was a burglar, I would be criminally charged. And rightfully so.

S. Steven Maese

Salt Lake City