Letter: Reject corporate money, Utah Democrats

First Published      Last Updated May 25 2016 09:46 am

Last Wednesday, Democratic candidate for governor Mike Weinholtz announced his campaign will not accept donations from corporations, lobbyists or special interest groups. While I applaud his campaign for taking this courageous stance, I am concerned that this is merely a political stunt.

The Utah Democratic Party, its leadership and the majority of Utah Democratic candidates have long accepted contributions from corporations, lobbyists and special interest groups. So naturally I was a bit surprised when the party took this announcement and tried to publicly brand itself as the only ethically adept political party in Utah, the only one that rejects corporate interests. That is frankly absurd and disingenuous, not only to members of the party but to the people of Utah.

As a member of the Democratic Party myself, I of course believe that the party offers a much better alternative to the GOP. I cannot, however, stand idly by while my party dwells further and further from its stated values and principles.

I'm personally calling out the Utah Democratic Party and its leadership. I implore the executive committee and its core leaders — Peter Corroon, Breanne Miller, Marcus Stevenson and Zach Robinson — to release a public statement outlining its full and unwavering commitment to the people of Utah and its rejection of all corporate monies.

Randy C. Thomson

Utah Organizing Committee, Democratic Socialists of America