Letter: Western Freedom Festival saga was a missed teachable moment

First Published      Last Updated Oct 01 2015 05:57 am

I am a parent involved in your recent piece regarding the improper use of school children in five Utah counties as part of the Western Freedom Festival.

I thought your coverage was informative but missing comments from both the president of the school board and from the perspective of a parent.

Your piece does not say that the board vote was unanimous or that they felt misled by WFF organizers from the beginning. Your piece also allowed Iron County Commissioner David Miller to belittle the many outspoken parents who called and wrote the school board to voice their concerns.

The Tribune also missed the golden opportunity to discuss the constitutional issues the event's political and religious messages present regarding the Establishment Clause, and the obvious nefarious use of children and public tax monies to boot.

Your piece went nationwide via the Associated Press and served to further the agenda of event organizers, who are itching for national attention that is based on symbols. I hope they get it.

The school board illustrated all that is good about good government, one that is responsive to the petition of grievances. They deserve a great deal of the credit for a good, constitutional, decision.

It is too bad both event organizers and the Tribune have failed so miserably in this teachable moment. It is a great thing that many parents and their educators have not.

Chris Zinda

New Harmony