Letter of the week: Holland hurts UVU core values with marriage brief

First Published      Last Updated May 01 2015 06:18 pm

George Pyle wrote Sunday in the Salt Lake Tribune that Gene Schaerr, the lawyer hired by the state of Utah to argue against marriage equality in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, has filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court case and has done so for "100 scholars of marriage." Pyle noted that among the 100 are 13 with connections to Utah, including, "most notably, Matthew Holland, the president of Utah Valley University."

All of us, including our university president Matthew Holland, have the right to speak publicly as private citizens on controversial issues. However, as the public face of UVU to the larger community, Holland has a special responsibility to avoid public pronouncements that would harm his ability to carry out his duties as president of a state university officially committed to "diversity and inclusion."

As current and former members of the Utah Valley University faculty and staff, we find President Matthew Holland's promotion of the spurious ideas expressed by the "100 scholars" and the potential association of UVU with the Schaerr brief to be disappointing and harmful to values at the core of our public university.

Jim Harris, Biology; Scott Abbott, Integrated Studies and Humanities; Daniel Horns, Earth Science; Catherine Stephen, Biology; David Knowlton, Anthropology; Sam Rushforth, Biology

Lyn Bennett, History; Alan Clarke, Integrated Studies; Alex Simon, Sociology; Angie Banchero-Kelleher, Dance; Christa Albrecht-Crane, English; Jeff Torlina, Sociology; Dan Stephen, Earth Science and Environmental Studies

Karin Anderson, English; Robert Robbins, Biology; John Hunt, History; Nancy Rushforth, Integrated Studies and Humanities; Laura Hamblin, English; Katherine Paulick, Sociology; Bob Palais, Mathematics; Steven Emerman, Earth Science; Denise Richards, Student Leadership and Success Studies; Nathan Gorelick, English; Laurie Whitt, Integrated Studies and Philosophy; JaNae Haas, History

Michael Bunds, Earth Science; Stacy Waddoups, Student Leadership and Success Studies; Bill Evenson, Physics; Kate McPherson, English

Anita Bradford, History; Chris Weigel, Philosophy; Mike Jensen, Student Leadership and Success Studies; Emily Holt, Biology; Lydia Kerr, English; Cindy Hamman, Dental Hygiene; Janice Sugiyama, Biotechnology; Larry Harper, English and Philosophy; Kevin Eyraud, ESL; Christine Contestable, Philosophy and Student Leadership and Success Studies; Monica Campbell, Dance; Matt Horn, Chemistry; Lisa Hall Hagen, Theater

Gaya Carlton, Nursing; Joel Bradford, Earth Science; Mark Lentz, History; Lisa Lambert, Student Leadership and Success Studies; Michael Goode, History; Ross Hagen, Music; Jan Wellington, English; Hazel McKenna, Developmental Mathematics; David Yoder, Anthropology; Leslie Simon, Humanities; Sandy McGunigall-Smith, Behavioral Science; Anne Arendt, Technology Management; Richard Tolman, Biology

J.C. Graham, Suicide Prevention; Dennis Potter, Philosophy; Paul Bybee, Biology; Glendon Parker, Biology; Deb Thornton, English; Lee Anne Mortensen, English; Kindra Amott, Philosophy and Humanities; Erin McClure, Summit Program Manager; Colleen Bye, Developmental Mathematics; Alex Strasburg, Center for the Study of Ethics; Karen Mizell, Philosophy; Deborah Marrott, Basic Composition

Keith Snedegar, History; Sam Liang, Humanities; Sandra García-Sánchez, Developmental Mathematics; Craig Thulin, Chemistry; Jamie Johnson, Veteran Coordinator; Mavis F. Green, Aviation; Robbin Anthony, Student Life and Wellness; George Veit, Dental Hygiene; Lisa Williamson, Women's Success Center; Liz Owens, Sociology; Jenna R. Atkinson, Assistive Technology

Brooke Swallow, Student Life; Heather Holland, Philosophy and Humanities; Chelsey Darrington, Graduation and Transfer Services; Gabriel Black, Lead-Staff Interpreter; Tiffany Yoast, Student Leadership and Success Studies; Tia Sorensen, Prospective Student Services; Michaela Giesenkirchen Sawyer, Humanities; Samuel Banford, English; Numsiri Kunakemakorn, Secondary Education

David Heldenbrand, Computer Science; Kristin Nuesmeyer, Academic Advisor; Betsy Lindley, Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation; Jerry Petersen, English; Sarah Donohue, Dance; Terrell Wyche, Biology; Wioleta Fedeczko, English; Russ Harrel, Earth Science; Brad Morin, Mathematics; Scott Williams, Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation; Suzanne Walther, Earth Science

Mark Olson, Integrated Studies; Michael T. Stevens, Biology; Travis Reynolds, Behavioral Science; Catherine McIntyre, Archivist and Digitization Librarian; Maritza Sotomayor, Finance and Economics; Garth Tino, Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation; Reba Keele, Public and Community Health; Lucille Stoddard, Business and Academic Administration; Eric Robertson, Humanities