Letter: My Valentines are at Pioneer Elementary

First Published      Last Updated Feb 14 2015 05:00 am

Feb. 14 is the day we tell the people we love all the ways they make our lives better.

This year, my Valentine is to a program that makes all the difference for me and for my family in West Valley City. I'm talking about the Community Education Partnership after-school program at Pioneer Elementary.

I love the after-school program because the teachers there truly care about my son. They are dedicated to seeing him and the other children in the program grow and thrive. They keep my child safe after school and inspire him to learn.

I love it because it is giving my child more confidence in school. For years my son struggled with reading. The help and tutoring he's received from the after-school teachers has been immense. I cannot imagine how far behind in reading he would be without the after-school program. Now he's no longer embarrassed to read. He even gets excited to read to his younger siblings!

As we take the time to share our love with the people in our lives who matter most, I'm happy to share my appreciation for the after-school programs from Community Education Partnership.

Amanda Owens

West Valley City