Letter: Love reaches out to the deaf

First Published      Last Updated Oct 30 2014 06:15 am

Bravo, Mia Love. You know how to reach people – especially the deaf and hard of hearing people in Utah.

Doug Owens, did you realize the population of deaf and hard of hearing people is on the rise? They lose their hearing due to many factors. Mia Love has already reached out to the deaf and hard of hearing population more than once. At a town hall meeting, sign language interpreters and C.A.R.T. were on hand to enable communication.

Mia had her TV campaign spots closed-captioned, whereas Doug did not. I do not know what Doug's goals are or what he will do for us.

Please vote for Mia Love. Mia knows how to reach every group of people. The coolest part about Mia Love is that the people who work for her know how to reach every individual. She is a compassionate listener and doer of her words. Again, bravo, Mia Love! The deaf and hard of hearing populations are rooting for you! November 4th is Election Day! Vote for Mia Love!

Kristi L. Mortensen

Salt Lake City