Utah forecast: Some thunderstorms, light rain, but generally drier this weekend

Bob Mims By bob mims July 28

‘Torrential’ storms flood Wasatch Front

By bob mims and benjamin wood: July 27

Utah forecast: More thunder, but just light rain this time; warmer temperatures

By bob mims: July 27

Utah forecast: Cycle of thunderstorms brings Flash Flood Watch for most of state

By bob mims: July 25

Utah forecast: Humid, muggy and sultry; thunderous, hot and wet

By bob mims: July 20

Utah forecast: Flash Flood Watch for most of state; ‘Red Flag’ flies for northwest desert

By bob mims: July 19

Utah forecast: Thunder and rain ahead for sizzling, parched Beehive State

By bob mims: July 19

Utah forecast: Temperatures top 100... again

By tiffany frandsen: July 17

Utah forecast: Continued hot temperatures with occasional thunder and rain

By bob mims: July 17

Utah forecast: Hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hades, or close

By bob mims: July 15

Utah forecast: Hot now? Hotter yet this weekend, and pollution on the rise

By bob mims: July 13

Utah forecast: Hot, maybe wet, certainly polluted as weekend nears

By bob mims: July 12

Utah forecast: Thunderstorms, rain coming, but the heat remains

By bob mims: July 11

Utah forecast: Thunderstorms and rain, but still hot statewide

By bob mims: July 10

Utah forecast: Temperatures stay in triple digits as thunderstorms blow in

By tiffany frandsen: July 9

Utah forecast: Under the heat dome, Beehive State braces for a baked weekend

By bob mims: July 8

Utah forecast: Record heat for the north, just plain sizzling for the south

By bob mims: July 7

Salt Lakers hit pools and parks to beat July 4 heat

By sean p. means: July 6

Utah forecast: Record heat for the Wasatch Front, even hotter in the south

By bob mims: July 6

Utah forecast: Holiday will be hot as a firecracker, and just as dangerous

By bob mims: July 4

Utah forecast: Another day, another ‘Red Flag’ wildfire danger warning

By bob mims: June 30

Utah forecast: Fire danger remains high; little relief from heat, dry conditions ahead

By bob mims: June 28

Utah forecast: Windy and sizzling, with hottest temperatures in more than four decades

By bob mims: June 27

Temperatures jumping into triple digits

By pamela manson: June 21