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Robert Gehrke

Last Updated Jan 15, 2017 09:19AM

The legacy of President Barack Obama in Utah is one that remains written in pencil and the state’s Republican elected leaders are hoping they hold the eraser. From the Affordable Care Act to immigration reform to the designation of Bears …

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  • President-elect Donald Trump takes questions during a news conference, Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017, in New York. The news conference was his first as President-elect. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig) Gehrke: A more tempered Trump a no-show at president-elect’s news conference
    There has been some speculation among the speculating class that the mantle of president would chasten Donald Trump and he would, as his inauguration ...
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  • Gehrke: Once again, the mayor’s tin ear and closed door have her in trouble with the public
    The wailing and gnashing of teeth that has followed the announcement of Salt Lake City’s four new homeless resource centers is probably about the most...
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  • Gehrke: Time to test your knowledge of the wild year that was 2016
    There’s no denying that 2016 was truly a wild year, from Jackie Biskupski’s purge of City Hall to Barack Obama’s creation of the Bears Ears National M...
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  • Robert Gehrke: Time for Herbert to step away from manager role to take political capital out for a spin
    Editor’s note • Robert Gehrke, previously The Salt Lake Tribune’s senior government reporter, is now a columnist. Catch his take on the state, its pol...
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