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Candidate barred from Draper parade; mayor may march

First Published      Last Updated Jul 17 2017 11:13 am

Draper mayoral candidate Troy Martinez will not be allowed to march in the city's parade Saturday, a judge has ruled.

Martinez had filed the lawsuit Wednesday against Draper and various city officials, as well as against the Draper Community Foundation, which organizes the parade. He argued that a city policy that prohibits political candidates from actively campaigning in the Draper Days parade violated his free-speech rights.

"I'm obviously disappointed in the ruling, but I think the merits of the case are still strong," Martinez said Friday. "I still plan on being out there with my supporters and disseminating information. We'll do that from the sidewalk, and that's how we'll continue on messaging."

The policy does allow incumbent council members or elected officials who may also be running campaigns to march in an effort "to honor their public service," so long as they don't advocate for their re-election. Both of Martinez's opponents — incumbent Mayor Troy Walker and Councilwoman Michele Weeks — will walk in the parade Saturday.


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