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Rolly: Big Diehl — indicted developer has all the right friends in all the right places

First Published      Last Updated Apr 24 2017 11:14 pm

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On the way, a Utah Highway Patrol trooper spotted the girlfriend speeding on Interstate 15 and attempted to pull her over, but she didn't yield and continued eastbound after taking the interchange onto Interstate 80.

Why didn't she yield? Because another Diehl friend and a recipient of his generous campaign largess was then-Salt Lake County Sheriff Aaron Kennard who had given Diehl permission to equip his car with police lights and a siren because Diehl was an honorary member of the search-and-rescue squad.

The trooper thought he was in a high-speed chase and called for backup. But the girlfriend thought the lights and siren came from Diehl, who she thought was just playing around with his toys.

Diehl, who witnessed what was happening, called her on her cellphone and told her she needed to pull over. They were real cops, he said, not him.

When she pulled off, Diehl pulled up behind to explain the misunderstanding. He and his girlfriend were cited with driving under the influence.

The charges against Diehl eventually were dropped after he completed a plea-in-abeyance agreement.