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Escort mayhem in West Jordan ends with gunshot, multiple people in custody

First Published      Last Updated Mar 17 2017 07:54 pm

Public safety » Police arrest 3 women, their manager and 2 clients.

Six West Jordan men apparently expected more from three female "escorts" than a night of just conversation and flirtation, and that's when the party turned ugly, police say.

West Jordan police responded to a 911 call of gunfire outside a home at 3832 W. Carolina Drive (6590 South) at 3:54 a.m. Friday, just in time to catch a slew of suspects and persons of interest as they attempted to drive away from the scene.

"Six males there had apparently hired three female escorts, and at some point the escorts decided the night was over," said WJPD Officer Scott List. "Two of the men said they [the escorts] were not leaving, and one blocked the door while another brandished a handgun."

One of the women was able to call her manager, and moments later he knocked on the door. When one of the men opened it, two of the females darted through to freedom before the door was slammed shut again.

"But the manager was persistent and managed to get the third girl out the door, too," List said.

Just before officers arrived, as the escorts and manager piled into one vehicle and two of the male suspects jumped into another car, a gunshot was fired. List said the bullet hit the back window of a third vehicle, a car belonging to one of the other men still inside the home.

No one was hurt, but police took at least two male customers, the manager and the escorts into custody.

"We're in the process of interviewing them all to determine what happened, and what charges might be filed," List said.


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