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Food-tax hike is dead in Utah’s Legislature

First Published      Last Updated Mar 08 2017 08:57 am

Scramble » Other tax, fee proposals still are debated with three days remaining in the 2017 session.
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They now pay 76 cents a month, but that would rise to $1.24 a month under SB198.

Its sponsor, Sen. Wayne Harper, D-Taylorsville, said the money would help upgrade what officials say are antiquated 911 and public safety radio systems statewide. Also, the bill would also make many reforms to the Utah Communications Authority after an official embezzled $1 million from it recently.

Driver license fees • HB388 would increase numerous fees by the Driver License Division. Its sponsor, Rep. Eric Hutchings, R-Kearns, said such increases come about once a decade, and help the division keep up with inflation.

Renewing a regular driver license would jump from $25 to $35.

Learner permit fees would jump increase from $15 to $20.

Additional fees for a motorcycle license would increase from $9.50 to $12.

For a commercial driver license, the knowledge test would increase from $40 to $50 and the skills test from $60 to $70. Each different endorsement for a CDL — such as for a school bus, or to drive vehicles transporting hazardous materials — would increase from $7 to $10.

— Tribune reporter Lee Davidson contributed to this story.