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“Eat all you want and lose weight” lawsuit settled by Utah company

First Published      Last Updated Feb 17 2016 04:33 pm

Litigation » Consumers will be paid $25 per box of weight-loss tablets Akävar.
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But the company agreed to pay a $25 refund to consumer for each box of Akävar they purchased, or more if the they can show they paid more than $25 for a box.

In addition, Basic Research will pay $2.45 million in attorney fees, expenses of $950,000 and $5,000 to each of the four consumers named as plaintiffs in the lawsuits.

Basic Research can continue to use the "Eat All You Want & Still Lose Weight" slogan in its advertising under the settlement.




What now?

Consumers who bought Akävar are to receive notice of the settlement with information on how to file a claim and that information also is set for publication. Other information on the lawsuit is available at: http://www.akavarclass.com.