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What color is God? Does the sky have to be blue? LDS coloring books let kids decide

First Published      Last Updated Mar 27 2017 08:45 am

Coloring books that allow children to render scriptural characters, even God, in any variety of the Crayola rainbow are being offered to Mormon children.

Heavenly Father in sublime blue, springtime green, yellow, brown, black . . . what does it mean? Would red be merely another possible waxen expression of ethnicity, or is the artist convinced God is angry?

Well, one of the best things about the Creator is that he is, after all, creative. So maybe give the kids a pass on how they address the new coloring books; the idea, according to the LDS Daily website, is to encourage family and individual scripture study.

The first is an updated Book of Mormon coloring book, featuring 12 new pages along with updated text and pictures based on the faith's founding scripture. It is available for free as a downloadable PDF at LDS.org. The second is a new coloring book featuring the Pearl of Great Price, another volume from the Mormon canon, along with a page for each Article of Faith. That, too, is available for free as a PDF at LDS.org.

LDS Daily also offers physical copies of both new coloring books for $1.99 each.

— Bob Mims