Answers to Questions about Membership

Q. Where do I go to login to the Premium no-ad website?

A. Go to member.sltrib.com

Q. Where does my membership money go? How is it used?

A. The money raised through sltrib.com memberships is added to the budget of The Salt Lake Tribune, the funds we use to pay our staff and to cover the expenses of a newsroom that operates 365 days a year.

Q. By offering an advertisement free website, aren't you cutting the money The Tribune earns by selling advertising?

A. We anticipate that a small percentage of our online readers will become members, and that the effect on advertising will be minimal. However, even a small percentage of readers signing up will have a significant impact on our newsroom budget.

Q. What about print readers, those who already pay for a subscription to The Tribune? Do they get access, without paying for a membership, to the advertising-free sltrib.com? That's what papers like The New York Times do.

A. Unlike those other papers which require payment to read online, we still offer every reader a free website with the latest news. But only members to sltrib.com will have access to the website without commercial interruption. Our print readers, however, will be included in the events we are planning, and will be invited to participate through notices in the newspaper.

Q. Will there be an advertisement-free sltrib.com for your iPhone, iPad and Android apps?

A. No. However, we have greatly improved the viewing experience of reading sltrib.com on mobile devices using your device's Internet browser. Our new site employs "responsive design," which makes the browser window conform to and fit the size of every screen. So viewing the ad-free sltrib.com on your mobile device is an attractive option.

Q. If I sign up on one device, how do I get the ad­free site on my other devices?

A. Go to www.sltrib.com on your other devices (an iPhone or iPad, for example) click on the Membership link at the top of the home page, enter your email address and the password you registered with when you first signed up for membership. Then you will have access to member.sltrib.com. Also, visit accounts.mypressplus.com, sign in to "My Account" to manage your membership, update payment information or find answers to common questions.

Q. How often am I billed?

A. Once a month.

Q. How do I cancel?

A. We hope you won't. Visit accounts.mypressplus.com, sign in to "My Account" to manage your membership.

Q. How do I contact The Tribune if I'm having a problem?

A. Email membership@sltrib.com.

Q. What if I have customer service questions about logging in/billing?

A. You can email questions to Customercare@mypressplus.com or submit at this page: www.mypressplus.com/readers/carecontact. You can get more help by going to this page: www.mypressplus.com/help/

Q. Regarding the email newsletters you will send. What if I don't want them?

A. Members will receive daily emails of Political Cornflakes, our politics newsletter, and Top Headlines. We are planning more newsletters on different news, entertainment and sports topics. If you don't want these newsletters, or a particular newsletter, email us at membership@sltrib.com Or click on the word Unsubscribe at the bottom of the email newsletters.

Q. Do the events cost money? Do I need tickets, or can I just show up?

A. Most events will be free. If we do charge, members will either be given free or reduced admission. Most events will not require tickets. But if we expect a crowd, we will distribute tickets on a first­come, first-served basis. On occasion, we will request an RSVP to help us plan.

Q. Where are events held?

A. Most events are held at the Salt Lake City Main Library, The Leonardo and in our newsroom. We also are planning events at restaurants, theaters, clubs and other venues.

Q. Will you sell the membership email addresses to marketers?

A. We will only use the list to send newsletters and communicate with members about events. We will not sell or give anyone's information to any third parties.

Q. How is this different from subscribing to The Tribune's e-Edition?

A. The e-Edition is an exact digital replica of the printed Salt Lake Tribune. You actually "turn" the pages like you do the newspaper, and when you click on a story it opens in a separate window to make it more readable. The e-Edition is a product offered by the Utah Media Group, the company that prints and distributes The Tribune. If you are interested in an e-Edition subscription, go to sltrib.com and click on "Subscribe" in the navigation bar at the top of our home page.