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At Sundance, virtual reality is all around you

First Published      Last Updated Jan 21 2016 08:32 am

New Frontier » More artists are creating immersive 360-degree experiences using 3D goggles, and the technology will be on display at Sundance.
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Huang compared VR to tapestries, "somewhat like the vast 14th-century scrolling scenes in a Bruegel or Bosch painting, where you can have an entire tableau of multiple narrative events unfolding before you. That's a bit more like how events in the world feel now and a bit more like how we process information, instead of single framed screens."

Sundance's Frilot sees VR as a natural evolution of how visual media have gone "from one that entertains to one that people use to communicate with each other." From YouTube posts to videos people exchange on their smartphones, Frilot said, "there's an immersive quality of media we hadn't seen before. … VR is kind of a culmination of this move toward immersive cultural experience."


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New Frontier at Sundance

New Frontier, a home for video installation art and other experimental works, marks its 10th year at the Sundance Film Festival, which runs Jan. 21-31.

The program will be seen at three locations in Park City, running Jan. 22-30 (hours vary, check the festival guide at sundance.org for details):

The Claimjumper, 573 Main St., second and third floors.

The VR Bar, Gateway Center, 136 Heber Ave.

“Treachery of Sanctuary,” an installation work by Chris Milk, at Festival Base Camp, 475 Swede Alley.