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Ann Cannon: 25 steps to light up the holidays

First Published      Last Updated Dec 03 2014 09:58 am

We follow a strict 25-step protocol for putting up the Christmas lights every year at our house. It goes like this.

1. My husband announces it's time to put up the lights, and I agree.

2. He heads for the attic and pulls out plastic tub after tub (after tub!) of said lights, which we have been collecting since we got married.

3. Because you never know when you might need a strand of Christmas lights that you bought in 1977!

4. Then comes the "testing" part.

5. My husband drags out each strand of lights to see which ones have decided to work this year.

6. It's pretty much a crapshoot.

7. Lights that used to work don't.

8. Lights that haven't worked since 1977 do.

9. It must be said that my husband is remarkably patient during this long and tedious process.

10. He's still full of good will and holiday hopefulness that things will go smoothly this year.

11. Then comes the "putting up" part.

12. My husband heads outside, packing strands of coiled wire like he's the Witchita Lineman.

13. Before I know it he's up in the trees!

14. And on the housetop! (Click! Click! Click!)

15. He's stringing lights here!

16. He's stringing lights there!

17. He's stringing Christmas lights everywhere!

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