Ann Cannon: Wishing you many happy wishes ... and doughnuts

First Published      Last Updated Aug 05 2015 08:50 pm

If you could wish someone you love more of something (anything!), what would it be?

That's the question Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld consider in their new children's picture book, "I Wish You More." Some of their responses include the following.

"I wish you more ups than downs."

"I wish you more give than take."

"I wish you more we than me."

"I wish you more pause than fast-forward."

"I wish you more bubbles than bath."

It's a charming little book, and after I read it I tried to come up with a few of my own wishes, following the same pattern. Here they are, with my editorial notes included.

I wish you more understanding than misunderstandings. [Hmmm. Possible cliché?]

I wish you more roses than aphids. [Aphids! Ew!]

I wish you more listening than talking. [Whatever. I like to talk.]

I wish you more Fridays than Mondays. [SCORE!]

I wish you more downhills than uphills. [Wait. Does that sound too much like the "more ups than downs" thing?]

I wish you more summers than winters. [Yeah! That's what I'm talking about.]

I wish you more dancing than sitting. [Except if you have bad knees.]

I wish you more doughnuts than not doughnuts. [Now you're just being an idiot.]

Fine. But I still wish you more doughnuts than not doughnuts. [OK. We're done here.]

I know. I'm super lame. But the point is I've been thinking about wishes for the people we love because my husband and I have a son getting married this weekend. Our baby, in fact. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Didn't I just register that baby boy for kindergarten? Which means I have a child in kindergarten who's getting married? Is that even legal?

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