Ann Cannon: Food for thought for Thanksgiving

First Published      Last Updated Feb 17 2016 01:30 pm

Now that Thanksgiving is almost here and all of us are getting ready to make our favorite dishes, I think we should discuss recipes. Don't you? So when it comes to sharing them, which answer best describes you?

A. I'm happy to share!

B. I'll share, but I'll leave out a key ingredient, so when the other person makes that dish, it won't taste as awesome as when I make that dish.

C. Sharing is for suckers.

OK. I (mostly) do not judge when it comes to whether people choose to share or not share their recipes. Dude. This is America. We have the constitutional right to do whatever we feel like with our own recipes, although I would like to give a shout-out to the original Americans (of which I am no longer one) for sharing all of their recipes so that the Pilgrims didn't starve to death that first Thanksgiving.

However, I want to offer this piece of advice if you answered "B" and someone asks if you'll share your recipe for chocolate-chip cake: Do not leave out the "chocolate chip" part. People will be on to you if you do that.

You're welcome!

Anyway. I answered "A." Are you kidding me? I'm beyond flattered if anybody likes something I cook. And if that person also asks for my recipe, well! I just go all Sally Field on them. I put on a designer gown, jump up and down on a red carpet, and cry "You like me! You really, really like me!"

Not only will I share my recipe, I will also get in my car, drive to the grocery store, get out of my car, purchase all the ingredients, get back in my car, drive over to that person's house, get out of my car again, go straight into that person's kitchen with my bag of groceries and ask a lot of questions about where that person keeps the measuring spoons.

And then I will make my mom's apple-and-yam-casserole. Or Martha's clam chowder. Or Stephanie's pavlova. Or Kim's green salad. Or Jeannie's chicken pasta salad. Or Sally's skip-and-go-naked punch. Or Kathy's brownies. Or Shauna's French silk pie. Or Becky's artichoke dip.

Oh sure. I may add a little more salt — who doesn't love a little more salt? — or a little more garlic— who doesn't love a little more garlic? — but I'm definitely not clever enough to create a recipe from scratch. If I have any talent at all where recipes are concerned, it's that I can look at one and go, "M-m-m-m-m-m. That sounds kind of good."

You see what I'm saying here? Why should I get all possessive about a recipe I didn't create in the first place? Why shouldn't I spread a little of the recipe love that other people have shared with me?

But whatever. Like I say, to each his/her own.

Meanwhile, here's hoping that your recipes (shared and unshared) do not disappoint and that your Thanksgiving Day is both filling and fulfilling enough to fortify you for the holiday season ahead because that crazy train is headed our way, even though it feels like I just took down last year's tree.

Wow. Christmas already …

(My love and thanks to Nancy and Sally, btw. They know why.)