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Local Sounds: September Say Goodbye greets first EP

Published November 2, 2012 2:22 pm

Local sounds • Logan-based pop-rock band credits its creative relationship for the energy of new songs.
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Although the Logan pop-rock band September Say Goodbye has been together for just over a year, the five members have released an EP, "You're Lucky It's The Weekend."

The band began with singer Rachel Quillen and guitarist Colin Geslin as an acoustic act. Soon after they were joined by singer Zack Gardner, and then bass player Nick Porath came onboard in September 2011. During the next year, the group wrote most of the songs for "You're Lucky It's the Weekend." Several months ago, drummer Aaron Maughan completed the quintet.

Geslin answered questions about the band's creative process, its inspirations and space in movie theaters.

How do you describe the creative relationship in the band?

It varies from song to song. Part of the creative process comes from the fact that we are all friends and we know each other really well. We are able to write as a group, which is different from when we first got together, when we would write the songs separate and bring stuff to the table.

What inspires you?

How the crowd reacts is an amazing inspiration. It's amazing being together for only just over a year and already being able to have a room of people sing our lyrics louder than us.

What is the best song you have ever written, and why?

"Break." It's our first song that we wrote 100 percent together as a band. It's our go-to opening song because it gets the whole band into it and everyone gets pumped up.

What is your most memorable musical experience?

The show we had to release our EP. We love hearing the whole crowd singing back to us.

At a movie theater, which arm rest belongs to whom?

Well, seeing as how almost all of us have worked at the movie theater, we generally say the whole theater is ours — since it usually is.

Describe "You're Lucky It's The Weekend."

It has energy. We were so excited and pleased with how it turned out. We feel like it explores the many styles of music we love playing and love the raw feeling of a first album. We just love to play music and are so glad that other people can hear what we love to do.

Is being from Logan an asset or a negative when it comes to success?

Both. There is a decent music scene here. It can be an asset because there are bands in Salt Lake that probably are as big or bigger than us, but people haven't heard of them because of possibly a bigger, more competitive scene. At the moment, we feel like we are one of the better-known bands in Logan, which helps us to get our name in and out of the valley.



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To learn more about September Say Goodbye and to listen to the band's music, go to http://www.facebook.com/Septembersaygoodbye