Carlino (finally) talks about reason he left BYU
Published: July 21, 2014 06:23PM
Updated: July 21, 2014 09:47AM
Matt Carlino turned down numerous interview requests after he announced on April 1 that he was leaving the BYU basketball program.
It was pretty much known that Carlino was leaving because he was unhappy with his role on the team coming off the bench. But it would have been nice to hear him say that, instead of the silence.
Well, now we know that was truly the case.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper spoke to Carlino recently, and has this report in Monday’s editions about Carlino’s “long road” to Marquette.
Here’s the key quote from Carlino, as reported by Michael Hunt:
“I had a really good experience at BYU, but I left for a reason. I wasn’t fully happy with the basketball situation. I wanted to give myself a better opportunity for my final year.”
Carlino always told local reporters that he was OK with the social climate at BYU, although he isn’t LDS, and he repeated that to the Milwaukee reporter, saying he liked everything in Provo except basketball.