Movie review: ‘Girl on the Train’ a slow trip to nowhere
Published: July 17, 2014 03:12PM
Updated: July 18, 2014 11:31AM
| courtesy photo Nicki Aycox plays Lexi, a woman with a dark secret, in the noir thriller "The Girl on the Train."

The indie thriller “The Girl on the Train” is a mere 80 minutes, but so self-important and slow that it makes time move backward.

Danny (“Lost’s” Henry Ian Cusick) is a documentarian who encounters a young beauty, Lexi (Nicki Aycox), on the train. He keeps watching the train to repeat the meeting, and soon Lexi has ensnared him in a “Double Indemnity”-like scenario to put the hurt on a shady lawyer (John L. Payne).

Writer-director Larry Brand buries his noir plot under useless layers of flashback and fantasy sequences and embellished it with a creaky framing device that has Danny telling the story in a police interrogation room to a skeptical detective (Stephen Lang).

Worst of all are Brand’s thick swaths of phony-philosophical dialogue that is meant to sound a lot smarter than it really is.;


‘The Girl on the Train’

Opens today at the Tower Theatre; rated R for language and some violence; 80 minutes.