Music review: Judas Priest has redeeming metal value
New release • Judas Priest, “Redeemer of Souls” (Epic).
Published: July 9, 2014 08:52AM
Updated: July 10, 2014 04:46PM
Tribune file photo Judas Priest performs on its "farewell" tour at the Maverik Center in West Valley City on Nov. 4, 2011. It was a short farewell: The band will be back at the Maverik Center, Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2014.

It takes a lot for a band to make up for a “farewell tour” that ended up not being a farewell after all. But on its new studio album, Judas Priest has redeemed itself nicely.

Simply put, “Redeemer of Souls” is the best album this band has done in over 20 years.

Powerful, fierce, captivating and clever, this could be the hard rock/heavy metal album of the year.

It opens with a roar with “Dragonaut” and the melodic but still rocking title track.

But things really get interesting on “Halls of Valhalla.” Priest’s one concession to age is that Rob Halford’s air-raid siren vocals have given way to midregister singing. The wails of “Painkiller” or “The Sentinel” are few and far between here, but they do surface in a glorious way on “Valhalla.”

And “March of the Damned” has the same bottom-heavy groove as “Metal Gods”; it even has similar sound effects of heavy items bashing against each other and scraping on the floor.

So, if you thought Judas Priest was done — as the band briefly said it was — you’ve got another thing coming. And that’s just fine.

Fall tour stops in Utah

P Judas Priest will make a stop Nov. 18 at the Maverik Center, 3200 S. Decker Lake Drive, West Valley City. Tickets for the show go on sale today via TicketMaster.