Letter: We’re headed to single-payer, and that’s good
Published: July 2, 2014 03:20PM
Updated: July 2, 2014 03:20PM

I was amazed by Sen. Lee’s remarkable predictive ability in the Tribune (“News roundup: Mike Lee fears federal program for birth control,” July 1). (Sarcasm intended).

When a for-profit corporation’s “belief system” outweighs practical medical and public health realities, perhaps it’s time to do something differently. Frankly, I see the country speeding along towards a single-payer system because employment-based health insurance is not going to get the job done. It hasn’t been getting the job done for decades.

We will eventually join the rest of the developed world in our health care delivery system because that is how insurance works. A large pool spreads cost. We will waste a whole lot of money in the interim, and all we will be left with in the end is “corporations are people.” The Hobby Lobby ruling is no cause for celebration for any American.

Melissa Hofer