$80k for new watch? Rodney Hood says mom would 'kill me'
Published: June 30, 2014 04:31PM
Updated: July 2, 2014 05:21PM
Chris Detrick | The Salt Lake Tribune Utah Jazz's Rodney Hood laughs during a press conference at the Zions Bank Basketball Center Friday June 27, 2014.
On draft night, Rodney Hood was wearing a wristwatch worth more than most people make in a year. But the newest Jazzman didn't blow through his first paycheck or anything to look stylish on stage.
TMZ.com reported that Hood, whom the Jazz drafted with the 23rd pick, had home to "Rafaello & Co. in NYC —and picked himself up a $50k diamond-coated stainless steel Breitling Bentley watch. He also dropped another $30k on an 18-carat gold and diamond bracelet with princess cut and round diamonds."
But Hood laughed off the story Saturday via Twitter.
"My mom would kill me if I spent $80,000 on a watch. I borrowed it for the draft. It's just a funny rumor. That's all," the former Duke standout wrote.
Hood thanked the New York jeweler for the chance to sport a couple of pieces he says he'd never buy.
"Those who know me know that I wouldn't spend that kind of money on jewelry. Don't even wear it," he wrote. "Looked nice though."
— Aaron Falk