Stunning starry shots at Delicate, Landscape arches
Published: June 23, 2014 01:39PM
Updated: June 23, 2014 03:47PM

What if Vincent van Gogh had painted “Starry Night” in Southern Utah?

That’s more or less the vibe of Michigan-based photographer Vincent Brady’s shots at Delicate Arch and Landscape Arch. Using his 360-degree panoramic technique, Brady captured these long exposures of the Utah desert’s brilliant sky.

“[This was] one of the first photos I took while visiting Utah. I instantly fell in love with the plethora of sandstone arches within Arches National Park,” Brady writes on his website. “… It was [an] amazing sight paired with the minimally light polluted sky.”

You can check out the rest of Brady’s work at his site,

- Michael McFall

Twitter: @mikeypanda