DVD review: Combat, real and raw, in ‘Lone Survivor’

By Sean P. means

The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: June 3, 2014 09:42AM
Updated: May 31, 2014 01:01AM

Grade • B

DVD •Combat movies don’t get more authentic in their depiction of in-the-battle chaos than “Lone Survivor,” director Peter Berg’s intense look at a military mission gone wrong.

This drama tells the real-life story of a four-man Navy SEAL team (Mark Wahlberg, Taylor Kitsch, Emile Hirsch and Ben Foster) who get caught in an ambush on a mission in Afghanistan, 2005.

Berg’s scenes in the Afghan forest, as bullets whiz past our foursome and things go from bad to worse, have a gritty, visceral feel that compensates for the sentimentalized scenes of the SEALs’ camaraderie back at the base.

Wahlberg applies his regular-Joe theatrical style well here, but the standout performance is Foster’s as a serviceman who refuses to die unless he has to.