Got milk? Indy 500 drivers spill their dairy preferences
Published: May 25, 2014 10:26PM
Updated: May 25, 2014 11:06PM


One of auto racing’s finest traditions happens after the running of the Indy 500, when the winner chugs down a bottle of milk. In other races, it’s all about champagne or beer, but in true, wholesome Midwest fashion, a bottle of moo juice awaits the victor in Indianapolis.

However, with more than 30 drivers, there must be numerous dairy product preferences to track.

That’s where a poll by the American Dairy Association of Indiana comes in. The poll asked each driver which kind of milk they prefer to keep on hand in victory lane, with 2 percent as the overwhelming favorite of 16 drivers.

Whole milk came in second with nine drivers, while five preferred fat-free milk. Three answered with “no preference.”

The biggest surprise may have been that no driver thought outside the box or suffered from a dairy intolerance. Almond, skim and soy milk were left off the list entirely, along with choices like chocolate, strawberry and coconut.

I’m more of a vanilla almond milk guy myself, but the most important choice was that of winner Ryan Hunter-Reay, who gulped down some 2 percent before dousing himself and his crew in celebration of Sunday’s victory.

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-Brennan Smith

Twitter: @BrennanJSmith