Letter: It’s the BLM that is breaking the law
Published: May 16, 2014 04:24PM
Updated: May 16, 2014 04:24PM

In its politically incorrect zeal to condemn the hard-working families participating in the Recapture Canyon protest ride, The Salt Lake Tribune ignores the illegal activates of the BLM that precipitated this action.

In 1976, the Federal Land Policy and Management act grandfathered all existing roads over public land. The BLM openly flaunts this law while insisting on enforcing the letter of lesser laws approved by the political environmentalists and the media.

The closure constitutes illegal discrimination because it applies to only one class of users. If the BLM is worried about protecting cultural artifacts, then the canyon should be closed to all human entry. But this never happens. All closures, no matter the pretext, apply only to people on vehicles.

The Tribune’s hateful editorial, with a cartoon depicting the demise of a patriotic American, is both repugnant and deceitful. The demonstrators were indeed willing to be arrested, just like Rosa Parks. The BLM didn’t show because they knew arrests would be bad PR and subsequently overturned.

Rainer Huck

Salt Lake City