Letter: Dirty energy producers conspire against solar
Published: May 7, 2014 03:43PM
Updated: May 7, 2014 04:43PM

Rocky Mountain Power is proposing a new financial penalty for customers who have their own solar energy systems, an additional $4.25 per month, one of several new fees the utility is proposing for its Utah power customers.

It may at first seem reasonable when they claim that it is an administrative fee. However, when one views the larger picture it becomes apparent that this is a concerted effort nationwide by dirty energy producers to protect the status quo and their profits. Powerful interests are joining together, across the country, to stop citizens from generating their own power, to clean the air and to reduce carbon emissions.

This fee needs to be stopped. It is anti-competitive, unfair and stands in the way of progress. Rocky Mountain Power should focus on leading the way to renewable energy, not preventing it.

Steve Shuput

Salt Lake City