Smartphone apps to help patients take their meds

The Associated Press

Published: April 21, 2014 11:57AM
Updated: April 23, 2014 02:36PM

Several smartphone apps are available to help patients take their medications as prescribed. Here’s a sampling of several free apps, noting some of their special features:

MedCoach • Includes feature to connect to your pharmacy to order refills.

RxmindMe • From Walgreens. Offers the ability to easily export prescription information.

Pill Monitor • Enables you email a log of prescriptions taken.

Care4Today • From a unit of Johnson & Johnson. It includes options to monitor the medication use of loved ones and to donate to a charity each day you take all medicine on time.

Med Helper • Enables you to export results to doctors, nurses and caregivers.

Pill Reminder • From the website. Enables users to set up accounts for multiple family members.

Medisafe • Supports Spanish, French, German, Russian and Danish languages, as well as English.

The Associated Press