Scott D. Pierce: End these 9 TV shows; save these 7

By Scott D. Pierce

The Salt Lake Tribune

Published: April 14, 2014 10:38AM
Updated: April 14, 2014 08:25AM
Anna Lise Phillips, Graham Rogers, Tim Guiee, David Lyons, Billy Burke, Tracy Spiridakos, Maria Howell, JD Pardo, Zak Orth and, Giancarlo Esposito star in NBC's “Revolution.” Photo by: Nino Munoz/NBC

Over the next few weeks, TV programmers will make final decisions about which shows they will renew and which they’ll kick to the curb.

A lot of series have already been picked up. A bunch have gotten the ax. And a bunch more that are “on the bubble” — they might get renewed, they might not. And that decision will usually come down to a network’s new program development; whether programmers think a potential new series will be stronger than what it would replace.

These days, pretty much every show has its own rooting section. No matter how bad it is.

But here — based purely on quality, not ratings — are shows that ought to stay and shows that ought to go.


1. “Trophy Wife” (ABC) • This funny sitcom is so good it deserves another season to find an audience.

2. “The Crazy Ones” (CBS) • This has evolved into a nice ensemble comedy. CBS has so many loud, crude, unfunny comedies (“2 Broke Girls,” “Two and a Half Men,” etc.), it owes us this one.

3. “Almost Human” (Fox) • Yes, this was essentially just another procedural crime drama set in the future too much of the time. But it has promise.

4. “Enlisted” (Fox) • This is a funny comedy that keeps getting funnier sentenced to a Friday-night death time slot. Call the governor! Stay this sentence!

5. “Parenthood” (NBC) • This is the best family drama to come along in years. It’s also pretty much the only family drama left on network TV.

6. “The 100” (The CW) • This futuristic “Lord of the Flies” is better than you might think.

7. “Suburgatory” (ABC) • This a sitcom with actual comedy, and it’s better than the shows ABC has given more attention.


1. “Super Fun Night” (ABC) • It’s not super. It’s not fun. It’s bad, bad, bad.

2. “The Mentalist” (CBS) • It’s not that this is a bad show. But after six season and the revelation of serial killer Red John’s identity, it’s played out.

3. “Intelligence” (CBS) • It’s boring. ’Nuff said.

4. “Beauty and the Beast” (The CW) • It’s just painfully stupid.

5. “Dads” (Fox) • Kill it now. Kill it fast. Salt the earth so it can’t grow back.

6. “Revolution” (NBC) • Season 1 degenerated from intriguing to unwatchable. Season 2 got worse.

7. “Hart of Dixie” (The CW) • This show isn’t bad — it’s actually pretty cute. But it, too, is played out.

8. “Believe” (NBC) • How this confusing, derivative mess got on the schedule in the first place remains a mystery.

9. “Nashville” (ABC) • I would consider canceling this a personal favor. I keep watching it, even though I don’t really like it much. I could use the time back.

Scott D. Pierce covers television for The Salt Lake Tribune. Email him at spierce@; follow him on Twitter @ScottDPierce.