Letter: Why not give everyone a Porsche, as well as health care?
Published: April 5, 2014 01:01AM
Updated: April 5, 2014 01:01AM

Peg McKenzie (“Daughter learns how easy, low-cost health care can be,” Forum, April 3) describes how her daughter, while in the Czech Republic, had a “great introduction … to a single-payer health system” as her adult teacher’s “… ER visit was free.”

That same day, Karlan Douglas (“Single-payer health system would work better,” Forum, April 3) promotes “The answer is a single-payer system where the middleman is eliminated.”

I agree completely, and think we should extend this to Porsches. I think everyone should be able to afford a Porsche. The solution to the rising cost of Porsches is to have a single-payer system where, as Mr. Douglas argues, the middleman (dealer) is eliminated.

That would cut out lots of costs, but we can do better — the government should cut out the manufacturer (Porsche) as well, and just have its own Porsche manufacturing plant, providing everyone a free Porsche at the minimum cost.

And, like Peg McKenzie’s daughter learned about free ER visits, if I bring my Porsche in after a car wreck, it should be repaired for free as well.

Such an advanced progressive society is one where people feel a great debt to their fellow man, which debt they propose to repay with your money.

Phil Palmintere

Park City