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Ann Cannon: Taking another swing at spring

Published March 25, 2014 11:44 am

This is an archived article that was published on sltrib.com in 2014, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

I used to love spring. Spring was my best, most favorite time of year. Spring was the boss!

Until . . . I had kids.

And then? Ugh. Much to my surprise I morphed into a spring-hater. Spring inevitably meant a big increase of The Crazy at their schools. Projects! Programs! In many ways, May was worse than December, but at least I always expected December to be nuts. Year after year, the month of May took me by surprise.

Spring also meant sports. Lots and lots of sports. Soccer! Baseball! LaCrosse! Which is an ancient sport invented in America wherein people run up and down a grassy field, smacking each other with sticks!

The sports part, frankly, was the hardest thing about spring with kids. Getting five different boys to practices and games night after night after NIGHT was like mounting a major military operation. And until you sit outside through practices and games night after night after night, you don't fully appreciate how volatile spring weather is here in Utah. One evening you're boiling, the next evening you're sitting in the stands with snowflakes on your head. I can totally promise you there are more nice days in October along the Wasatch Front than there are in April.

But look at me and my boys now. We all survived. And much to my delight, I'm starting to enjoy spring again. In fact, I've made up a list of what I want to do before the season slips away. Feel free to add suggestions of your own.

1. Start running again — even though I already know the first few times I go out, it'll feel like I've never run a day in my life. (So not fair.)

2. Visit local nurseries to see what's growing. And if anybody happens to spot a variety of the Oriental poppy called "Patty's Plum" on a nursery run, please let me know ASAP. Because I WANT IT!

3. Eat ice cream like it's my job. (I especially like the homemade ice cream at Hatch Family Chocolates in the Avenues.) (And I don't want to forget the hot cross buns from Mrs. Backer's.)

4. Go to a few Bees games. But only if it's warm enough.

5. Turn off the TV for awhile. (Memo to "The Good Wife": After what you did to Will Gardner this weekend, you are dead to me now.)

6. Commence our annual argument about the wisteria vines in the back yard with my husband. He wants to cut them back. I don't.

7. Be outside every single second that the peonies are in bloom. The blooms only last for about five minutes, but those five minutes are heaven.

8. Take my granddaughter to Liberty Park to feed the ducks.

9. Clean out my youngest son's bedroom so there will be a place for him to sleep when he comes home.

10. Visit my favorite taco carts on State Street.

11. Indulge in a little March Madness.

12. Dig up and divide my perennials. Share them with whoever wants waves of white phlox and purple Michaelmas daisies in their own gardens this summer.

13. Celebrate Easter.

14. Celebrate my mom and my mother-in-law on Mother's Day.

15. Enjoy the lengthening days. Refuse to take early-morning light and long white nights for granted.