New drivers may face extra test
Final exam • May have an final written test after finishing driving test.
Published: March 11, 2014 08:31AM
Updated: March 11, 2014 08:35PM

New drivers may soon have to take an additional written test before they receive their first full driver license.

The House voted 73-0 Monday to pass HB206, and sent it to the Senate.

Rep. Steve Eliason, R-Sandy, the bill’s sponsor, said currently a 15-year-old seeking a license takes a short written exam before obtaining a learner’s permit, and eventually takes a driving exam after practice.

The bill would also require a final written exam, which could be taken online. He said it would be designed to educate them especially on reasons behind most road fatalities.

For example, in a given year if a high number of fatalities are related to not wearing seat belts or distracted driving, questions will focus on those to help reduce deaths.

— Lee Davidson