Analysis: NCAA needs to address the epidemic of idiot fan behavior
Published: March 8, 2014 04:05PM
Updated: March 8, 2014 11:11AM
In this Thursday, Feb. 27, 2014 photo, New Mexico State's Daniel Mullings, at center in red and white jersey, is involved in a brawl involving players and fans who came onto the court when New Mexico State guard K.C. Ross-Miller hurled the ball at Utah Valley's Holton Hunsaker seconds after the Wolverines' 66-61 overtime victory against the Aggies. (AP Photo/The Daily Herald, Grant Hindsley)

The NCAA and its schools need to buckle down on courtside security and work to tone down the nasty behavior in the stands before something really bad happens.


<script data-hide-title=”true” data-hide-byline=”true” data-hide-footnotes=”true” data-hide-embed=”true” type=”text/javascript” src=””></script><noscript><h1>NCAA needs to address the epidemic of idiot fan behavior </h1><h2>The incident was shocking, even given all the ugly behavior at college basketball arenas this season: a fan brazenly storming onto the court to confront Hawaii coach Gib Arnold during a game. "I've never seen anything like that," Arnold, still looking a bit stunned, said afterward. Maybe so, but it's clear that ill-tempered fans are getting bolder and bolder when it comes to what they'll say — and even do, judging by the stunner Thursday night at Santa Barbara, Calif. ...</h2><a href=”” target=”_blank”>View <em>”NCAA needs to address the epidemic of idiot fan behavior “</em> on Spundge</a></noscript>