Photo gallery: A Tribune essay on finding religion


Published: March 17, 2014 06:02PM
Updated: March 8, 2014 01:00PM
Keith Johnson | The Salt Lake Tribune When it comes to Mormon prophets, "One-Eyed" Jack Armstrong has their back ó or at least his back has them. A tattoo artist and LDS convert, Armstrong, shown in his Las Vegas home in November 2006, had a friend ink portraits of every Mormon prophet and Jesus Christ on his back, along with his own image, after joining the Utah-based faith.

Finding religion.

Some folks find it in colossal cathedrals, others on picturesque peaks.

Some discover it during long pilgrimages on weary legs, others after short drops to bent knees.

Some turn to it when a baby is born, others when a loved one dies.

Some see it in holy books, others in heavenly hymns.

Moses found it in a flaming bush. Paul found it on a dusty road. Muhammad found it in a dark cave. Siddhartha Gautama found it under an Indian tree. Joseph Smith found it in the New York woods.

Through his keen photographer’s eye, The Salt Lake Tribune’s Keith Johnson finds religion in places you might least expect it — a believer’s back, a theater’s marquee, a swap meet, a truck stop, even a junkyard.

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