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3A swimming championships: Desert Hills' Draney ends storied career on a high note

Published February 15, 2014 9:21 pm

3A swimming • Park City rolls to boys' and girls' team titles.
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Provo • Amelia Draney finished the race and she stepped out of the pool and like that, in an instant, one of the most storied swimming careers in Class 3A history was over.

Draney, a Desert Hills senior, had just finished the girls' 500-yard freestyle more than 12 seconds faster than her closest competitor. But then again, she wasn't really racing the competition, but rather the clock, which held the Class 3A record she set a year ago.

When she touched the wall after the 500 grueling yards, the clock read 5:01.09, not quite as fast as the record. But she did not shake her head or show disappointment. She congratulated the swimmers in the lanes next to her. Then she smiled.

"Obviously, it wasn't under the record, but I'm OK with that," Draney said. "I just did my very best and went as fast as I could.

"I'm racing the clock every time. So it's just going for the best that I can do."

Perhaps it also was the final tally of her high school career that allowed Draney to be satisfied with her non-record-breaking performance: Seven individual state titles, three state records, a legacy that certainly will last.

Just a year before Draney began her ascent to the top of Class 3A swimming in her freshman season, her ability was uncertain. It had not been long before that she was the slowest swimmer on her team. She was beaten often by girls several years younger.

But it was then she made a choice that would change her life. During her eighth-grade season, she began devoting her focus to swimming, a state title during her senior year being the ultimate goal.

Little did she know that she'd accomplish so much more.

"I wanted to have something of my own and really work through something," said Draney, who will continue her swimming career at Boise State next season. "Honestly, I just hoped I could win senior year. I never thought I'd be able to do this but my coaches really helped me and made this possible."


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3A team results


1. Park City, 517.5

2. Desert Hills, 280

3. Cedar City, 212.5

4. Dixie, 138

5. Tooele, 136


1. Park City, 305

2. Dixie, 280

3. Cedar City, 226

4. Desert Hills, 215

5. Canyon View, 200 —

3A individual results

Girls' 100-yard butterfly

1. Mara Selznick, Park City, 59.58

2. Natalie McDonald, Park City, 1:01.16

3. Zoe Smith, Desert Hills, 1:02.01

4. Tessa Trimble, Desert Hills, 1:02.47

5. Jaclyn Testone, Juan Diego, 1:02.73

Boys' 100-yard butterfly

1. Spencer Bleazard, Desert Hills, 53.19

2. Ashby Johnson, Dixie, 56.04

3. Kollin Maxwell, Cedar City, 56.26

4. Ivan Cataluna, Dixie, 57.01

5. Karter Brown, Canyon View, 1:01.44

Girls' 100-yard freestyle

1. Becca Selznick, Park City, 53.86

2. Kristen Gross, Cedar City, 55.60

3. Lydia Harrell, Stansbury, 56.07

4. Megan Draney, Desert Hills, 56.12

5. Anna-Maria Kurttila, Richfield, 56.64

Boys' 100-yard freestyle

1. Makai Smith, Desert Hills, 47.61

2. Nathan Wallace, Canyon View, 48.72

3. Connor Newman, Snow Canyon, 49.11

4. Woodey Greer, Juan Diego, 51.96

5. Vinnie Criscione, Park City, 52.13

Girls' 500-yard freestyle

1. Amelia Draney, Desert Hills, 5:01.09

2. Alandra McDowell, Park City, 5:13.66

3. Roslyn Selznick, Park City, 5:21.23

4. Megan Flake, Park City, 5:38.27

5. Kaylee LeBaron, Hurricane, 5:40.41

Boys' 500-yard freestyle

1. Michael Pantelakis, Dixie, 4:55.90

2. Garrett Hillman, Stansbury, 4:59.91

3. Colby Clark, Cedar City, 5:02.70

4. David Ferris, Park City, 5:15.54

5. Alex Yokubison, Park City, 5:18.32

Girls' 200-yard freestyle relay

1. Cedar City, 1:41.73

2. Park City, 1:42.45

3. Desert Hills, 1:45.35

4. Juan Diego, 1:47.93

5. Snow Canyon, 1:49.56

Boys' 200-yard freestyle relay

1. Desert Hills, 1:32.48

2. Canyon View, 1:33.09

3. Juan Diego, 1:33.65

4. Park City, 1:36.60

5. Dixie, 1:37.52

Girls' 100-yard backstroke

1. Mara Selznick, Park City, 59.10

2. Jaclyn Testone, Juan Diego, 1:00.64

3. Tiffany Farris, Snow Canyon, 1:01.49

4. Natalie Buelte, Uintah, 1:02.52

5. Allie Watt, Pine View, 1:02.85

Boys' 100-yard backstroke

1. Jinwon Bailar, Park City, 53.21

2. Alex Knight, Cedar City, 55.16

3. Creed Nielsen, Pine View, 59.50

4. Nathan Hook, Dixie, 1:01.35

5. Derek Anderson, Uintah, 1:01.38

Girls' 100-yard breaststroke

1. Joelle Hess, Park City, 1:07.06

2. Alandra McDowell, Park City, 1:09.63

3. Madison Wawrzyniak, Desert Hills, 1:11.74

4. Lily Tyler, Park City, 1:12.72

5. Emily Jesgarz, Desert Hills, 1:16.53

Boys' 100-yard breaststroke

1. Makai Smith, Desert Hills, 1:01.60

2. Casey Rose, Juan Diego, 1:03.70

3. Vincent Hess, Park City, 1:04.27

4. Tanner Higley, Grantsville, 1:05.17

5. Tyler Pace, Uintah, 1:07.60

Girls' 400-yard freestyle relay

1. Park City, 3:38.06

2. Desert Hills, 3:39.56

3. Dixie, 3:58.91

4. Richfield, 4:03.56

5. Tooele, 4:07.35

Boys' 400-yard freestyle relay

1. Dixie, 3:22.55

2. Park City, 3:25.96

3. Cedar City, 3:27.20

4. Snow Canyon, 3:35.64

5. Canyon View, 3:47.83